But I’ve been so good!


Uh-huh. Have you? Really? Be honest. Ok, well…yeah, that’s what I thought. You can lie to other people, but don’t lie to yourself, especially when it comes to your own personal efforts. Why hasn’t the scale moved? Could it be It totally is because while you started off strong, and diligent, and compliant, you slippedRead more

Can and Cannot Have


The generous summer planting by Farmer Tony of Hometown Harvest Farm has proven to be a boon for me! I love, love, love heirloom cherry tomatoes! I had plans for those babies—grilled, sun-drying, homemade ketchup—but more than likely I’m just gonna eat ’em all up! I do have a point: what has made this lifestyleRead more

Sunday Dinner

2015-07-22 15.19.45

Roasted chicken, spaghetti & meatballs, eye of round roast beef…my mouth is watering. Let’s not even go there. These days, my Sundays consist of processing all of my fabulous, local, organic produce into “good eats” for the week. Being prepared with grab and go healthy options is key for success. So what am I goingRead more

Getting back on track

I really hope that is the last time I have to say that. Yeah, alright—I failed. Already. I’m human. I did really well with Detox, then just couldn’t get it together for Fat Shredder. Wednesday, I was unprepared and out of the office and didn’t eat enough and forgot my Accelerators. Yesterday, I went toRead more