The smiling professional, Anna K Amendolare

Professional Coffee Drinker, Cyclist, Web Designer, Award-Winning Baker, Serial Dieter, Digital Marketer, Favorite Aunt.

What has been the constant in your life? For more than half the years that I’ve been on this planet, it’s been my weight, as early as childhood and through my teens. Mostly up, finally get a handle on things, then back up again. Because it’s true: you diet, you drop the weight, then those bad habits sneak back in again and before you know it, you’re right back (or worse) where you started.

Doesn’t everyone eventually have an “ENOUGH!” breaking point? I think I’ve reached mine. No, I know I have. Why is this time different? Because I am holding myself publicly accountable. I don’t fail. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. If I set a goal, I reach it. I sure as hell ain’t gonna proclaim to y’all, “I’m going to drop 45 lbs” and then NOT follow through. Simply unacceptable to me. And how am I going to accomplish my goal? With Coach Marti and TLS Weight Loss Solution.

Patience may not be my middle name, but Perseverance is.

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aka design is Anna K Amendolare
aka design is Anna K. Amendolare
Website Designer/Developer ✻ Digital Marketer ✻ Professional Coffee Drinker

Although I’ve been building websites since the turn of the millennium, I’ve always been more or less employed. As of January 2015, I am so excited to be fully, 100% freelance. On my own! Exciting and scary, but I love it. Love being my own boss, love being in charge of my work, my schedule, and my own destiny. I love getting to know my clients’ businesses and helping them maximize their internet presence. Check out my site—akagraphicdesign.com—to learn more about my business.

Being a solopreneur, networking, pitching business, closing business, and delivering is a lot for one person to manage all on her own. I am so delighted to have partnered with a professional web services company to help me bring more digital marketing solutions to my clients. Check out my expanded services—akarockswebsites.com—and get in touch if you’re interested in making the most of your online presence.

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