But I’ve been so good!


Uh-huh. Have you? Really? Be honest. Ok, well…yeah, that’s what I thought. You can lie to other people, but don’t lie to yourself, especially when it comes to your own personal efforts. Why hasn’t the scale moved? Could it be It totally is because while you started off strong, and diligent, and compliant, you slipped here, you slipped there. And then you wonder out loud why your progress stalled.

Own it. Admit your faults.

And then get back on the horse and on with the program. Because, it’s not a six-week diet. It’s a lifestyle. You need to do this to reach your goals. It didn’t take six weeks to get the scale up this high. It’s gonna take more than six weeks to get the scale back down again. Stick with it. Carry on.

Have you had setbacks? No judgement here; just support. We’ve all been there. Get it off your chest, confess, own it. Share in the comments below and let’s all move on.

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