Can and Cannot Have


The generous summer planting by Farmer Tony of Hometown Harvest Farm has proven to be a boon for me! I love, love, love heirloom cherry tomatoes! I had plans for those babies—grilled, sun-drying, homemade ketchup—but more than likely I’m just gonna eat ’em all up! I do have a point: what has made this lifestyleRead more

That’s a lot of vegetables!

2015-07-16 11.48.20

You think going on a diet means eating less…well, not in this case. My assignment is to eat 10-12 cups of veggies per day. Yeah, some protein, some healthy fat, some fruit. 12 cups of vegetables a day! Lucky for me, I am prepared. My veggie delivery from Hometown Harvest arrives on Wednesdays. I’m allRead more

Wait, what?!

Temper tantrum Lego Guy

Oh, so, ok. Before you start your customized program—mine is The Fat Shredder—you start with Detox. Oh, sure. That makes sense. Give your liver a break, get used to eating veggies, and help curb your appetite for sweets and salty foods. Ok, let’s review the Detox program…no alcohol, lots of veggies, limited fruit, no caffeine.Read more