Spin it out!


Anyone who knows me knows I learned to love exercise some time ago. The working out part of this program? No problem.
Things that are cliche are cliche because they are true. Take exercise: if you find an activity you enjoy, exercise will no longer seem like a chore. For me, that is spinning.

Mom: Spinning? You mean indoor cycling?
Me: It’s SO MUCH MORE than JUST indoor cycling.
Some people just don’t get it.

I love, love, love spin class. I’ve got the t-shirt! Spin class spins me out of a bad mood! Spin class inspires my creativity, giving my mind a rest to break out of the rut. Spin class clears my mind when it’s spinning out of control with so many tasks and no direction. Spinning motivates me to workout when I just don’t feel like working out. All you have to do is show up: between the instructor and the music, your body just does it on it’s own!

When you are sweating and breathing and into the the music, there just isn’t room in your head for anything else. If you are an exerciser, you get me. If you are not, believe me when I say you can learn to love exercise. You’ve just got to keep trying til you find your thing.

No one ever left the gym and said I’m sorry I did that.

What was your workout moment? Share with me in the comments below.

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