Travel Challenges


So, yeah, hanging out in the home office all day is easy to stick to the plan. Go to the kitchen, blend up shake for morning snack. Easy. But, what about when I’m not in the home office?

So I was out of town this past weekend. I didn’t quite stick to my eating schedule, but I did make consistent good food choices. On Saturday. And on Sunday…so, this is where you don’t beat yourself up and you get back on track.

I am out of town again, this coming weekend. The secret to staying on track? Plan ahead! I am bringing food with me so that I can both save on eating out and also stick to my healthy options.

My favorite item: Mason Jar Salad!

  • Start with a wide-lid, quart-sized mason jar
    Layer your salad as directed below, packing the layers as tightly as possible. (The less air between the layers, the longer your salad will stay fresh.)
  • Bottom layer: Dressing
  • Layer 2: Vegetables / Beans*
  • Layer 3: Grains* / Pasta* / Protein
  • Layer 4: Lettuce
  • Top layer: Cheese* / Nuts* / Seeds*

*These items do not fit in my plan—TLS Fat Shredder—but feel free to include in your own salad.

Determined to have a good time while traveling AND stick to my healthy diet!

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